New Testament

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Simply Talking With God


Often people have trouble praying to God for a whole number of reasons. How can we pray effectively, yet simply? Small Group Discussion Guide: Spiritual Habits Small Group Questions



The Bible is God’s authoritative Word, showing us clearly who God has been in the history of humanity and what he desires for us individually. Life Group Resources: Spiritual Habits Small Group Questions

UPward, INward, OUTward


Today we look at three primary relationships that South Blendon is all about. What does a Church look like when we foster the UP, IN, and OUT relationships?

Want to Be Successful


Most people have heard of Mary the mother of Jesus. How does she and her cousin give us an example of Biblical success or rather blessing? How is their example upside down from what our world says is success and blessing?

Parents and Children


What is a vision of the Parent Child relationship that is based on the Good News of Jesus? Our Director of Family Discipleship, Andrew Moorehead will be giving this message based on Ephesians 6