Old Testament

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What to do with Vengeance


What do we do when someone or someone’s cruel with us and all we can think about is taking revenge? How do we pray at those times? Today we look at one of the most controversial Psalms in the Bible. Psalm 137

Survive and Thrive


Sometimes it feels like we are swimming up stream against the current of culture and everyone else in this world. It is tempting to ditch our direction especially God’s direction for our life and join the crowd. How do we not just survive our journey with the Lord, but Thrive even while we are swimming […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness


One thing we often don’t like to talk about is un-confessed sin. While un-confessed sin is not the only cause for feeling distant from God, it is one reason that a divide is created. How does un-confessed sin create this divide, and how does confession bring freedom, Joy, and restoration in our relationship with God?

Hope in Despair


There are times when some people may not just feel abandoned by God, but also Forsaken by God. Psalm 22 is an expression of that feeling and it is the prayer Jesus prayed when he was on the cross. How does Faith address our forsakenness?