Sermons by Gary Jarvis

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The Roaring Lion’s Mouthpiece


Based on Amos 1:1-2 – We are beginning the book of Amos and his prophetic message of Justice to Israel. The questions of this Introduction is who is Amos, and why does God call him? Does God call us as well for a similar task?

Jesus Has Greater Love


Are you wondering if God could love you after what you have done? The message of Hosea is for you. We continue in our Series on how the O.T. points to Jesus. Today we see how the book of Hosea shows us how God fulfills his unconditional love to a people who are unfaithful to […]

Simply Talking With God


Often people have trouble praying to God for a whole number of reasons. How can we pray effectively, yet simply? Small Group Discussion Guide: Spiritual Habits Small Group Questions