Church Renovation

New Renovation Project

South Blendon has a new vibe and renewed heart to make new disciples, grow in faith, and serve in Christ’s name.  The renovation to our existing facility will both correspond to the renovation that is happening in the heart of our congregation and will better enable new guests to feel welcomed and at home.  We are a historic church with a deep heritage, that is becoming new in life and vibrancy for generations to come, and at the heart of that transformation is our participation in God’s Mission.  Our new facility will also have its foundation in the historic construction, and will have a new contemporary feel that exhibits the newness of life.

Phase 1 – Construction Completed Spring, 2017

Phase 1 simply ads a Canopy and replaces the one south side door with two.  It highlights that entry as our new main entrance, which will become important for our phase 2 construction.  We are excited that this canopy will be built in December, 2016

Phase 2 – Target Construction Date is Spring of 2018

Phase 2 includes the following renovations.

  1. Turning the Sanctuary 90 degrees.  This will create a more intimate setting for worship.
  2. Adding a glassed in lobby which will.
    1. Provide a great space for people to hang out and get to know people before and after worship.
    2. Allow people to always enter from the back of the sanctuary.  This is especially important for new guests who sometimes now find themselves entering from the front of the sanctuary when worship is starting.  
    3. Make it simpler for new guests with kids to drop them off in the Children’s Ministry area and navigate to the sanctuary without having to wander the many hallways in our basement to find where they need to go.
    4. Provide an openness to the community, so that they can see life and ministry happening as people gather on Sunday and throughout the week in the lobby.