Old Testament

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Just God

Text: Psalm 89:14–16 Topic(s): Justice, Character of God Big Idea of the Message: God is powerful and just. His character is the foundation for how he judges humanity and his desire for justice is coupled with mercy. Application Point: Being a follower of a just God means humbly acknowledging God’s work on our behalf and […]

How Would King Solomon Use Social Media?


Text: Proverbs 17:28 Topic: Treatment of Others, Diligence and Carefulness, Impact of Words Big Idea of the Message: The way we treat people online should be no different than how we treat people in our presence. Application Point: Choose your words wisely online.

Guided Tour


Text: Deuteronomy 6:5-9 Topic: Discipleship Big Idea of the Message: The best discipleship is modeled at home. Parents are commanded to teach their children the ways of the Lord daily.

Road Trip!


Text: Genesis 18:17-19; Acts 3:24-26 Topic: Covenant, Family Big Idea of the Message: Just as God used Abraham’s family as a display of His covenantal love, He can use our families to help others come to know Him.  

Devastating and Temporary


Week 2 Text: Lamentations 4 Topic: Suffering, Despair, Bitterness, Patience Main Idea: In this chapter, Jeremiah returns to describing the emotional devastation of the people who are suffering in Jerusalem. Suffering can either lead us to accept God’s patient prodding or turn from Him out of bitterness.

Love and Lament


New sermon series: We are looking at how Biblical Lament can help us move from grief to gratitude during times of suffering. If you have experienced difficulty in trials, times of great anxiety, or times where you feel like God has abandoned you will find your experience in the Book of Lamentation. Using Jeremiah’s account […]