Explore South Blendon

Welcome to South Blendon Community Church

We are filled with joy that you have been our guest at South Blendon Community Church and are exploring our congregation. We look forward to getting to know you a little better and hearing about what God is doing in your life. We encourage you to feel at home, ask your burning questions, and enjoy a caring environment as we journey together.

Here are some things to explore.

On this journey together, we think that the following things are the basics you might want to know about South Blendon in order to get started. We will Explore…
1. What we Believe
2. What we Believe about Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
3. What it means to be a Partner in Ministry
4. Next Steps towards Partnering in Ministry.

What does it mean to become a full partner at South Blendon?

Explore the ABC's of being a full partner.

  • Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior

  • Become a Participant in our Mission

  • Celebrate our Values

Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior

Here are some questions we ask you when you join the church. These four questions form a person’s commitment to contribute to South Blendon.

  1. Who is your Lord and Savior?
     Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
  2. Do you confess your sins and receive God’s love and grace for your forgiveness and salvation?
  3. Will you be Christ’s disciple, obey His word and show His love?
    I will, with the Holy Spirit’s help
  4. Will you be a faithful participant of this congregation, and through worship and service, seek to advance God’s purposes with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love here and throughout the world?
     I will, with the Holy Spirit’s help

Become a Participant in our Mission and

Celebrate our Values

Next Steps in Partnering in Ministry

At this point you may have some questions that you need answered. One of those questions might be “What’s Next?” Remember this is a journey we are taking with Christ together and so we would like to invite you into a conversation with a few people who are equipped to help you with your questions and help you with your next steps. Those people are Pastor Gary, your Care Elder, and your Care Shepherd. Use the contact form below to set up a time to have a conversation with any or all three of these folks, or if you have already shown interest in becoming a partner in ministry one of these individuals may contact you to schedule a conversation.